"We were in strong need of a hands-on, process-oriented individual to oversee our operations manager.  Eric turned out to be just the man we needed and more."
" I have received advice from Eric LeBlanc for my small business and the advice he has given me made my business go from a dead stand still to an over abundance of orders being shipped out daily. Thanks Eric for all you have done for me and I will continue to do business with you for you are truly a blessing."
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"When the construction market crashed and we were having trouble with accounts receivable and payable. Eric went into the accounting department and implemented processes and procedures that enabled me to see how we looked as a company daily and six weeks into the future. For the first time I was able to have real time information on cash flow for six weeks into the future."
"During the past five years, I have had the distinct pleasure of having Mr Eric LeBlanc work with us in the Car Rental Industries as a Consultant, his work has been second to none".

It’s not easy to describe everything that Eric LeBlanc brings to the table when it comes to the consulting experience that he delivers. His book keeping skills and creative financial planning strategies are unequivocally superior to many consultants out there. Eric is honest, professional, inspiring, good hearted, ethically minded, and committed to the highest level of integrity.

You can’t go wrong with EL Consulting.

Prof. Incredulous

"Eric implemented training, measurement and efficiency procedures that significantly strengthened our overall production results"